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Yearly Planning

We are spending this weekend doing something we usually don’t put a whole lot of thought into. Well, we usually sorta just get daydreamy with it, but this time we are sitting down and really planning out what we want to achieve this year.

A big goal we have is to finally buckle down on the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps. We have been loosely following them for a couple of years now, but we always fall off the wagon at some point. I think what really inspired us to buckle down for 2019, was this latest flare that I am having. Aaron missed a day of work on the second day of my flare and we are kind of worrying how that will affect things in terms of paying bills. We have our budget written down for January, practically everywhere. We are using the Everydollar app, Google Calendar, and I have everything written down in my planner. What can I say, I’m one of those people that likes to be organized. However, I can procrastinate like a mofo. Which is where things usually fall completely apart.

We will also be sitting down this weekend to plan out our garden for the year. My goal this year is to grow more of what we eat, compared to last year. I am finally going to learn to can our excess garden surplus this year, just watch! I’d like to get a medicinal herb garden going, so that we can do more natural treatments at home. Oh and I would like to get some stuff growing for the chickens as well.

Speaking of chickens, we plan to add a few more to our flock this year. I may or may not attempt a couple of strictly meat birds in that mix as well. It all depends on what I can get away with šŸ˜€ We also need to plan to rebuild/extend our coop. We bought one of those Wal-Mart coops because we were in a pinch and while it has worked out ok so far, it’s definitely not a good coop for our wet PNW climate. It’s a good thing that Aaron snagged a whole bunch of pallets from his work over the summer.

That pretty much only leaves some more homeschool planning and making some contingency plans in regards to my health. You can’t really plan for what Multiple Sclerosis is going to do because it is such an unpredictable disease, but we can plan for how to manage symptoms and what we will do in the even that I happen to have another flare. Basically, what it is going to boil down to is taking better control of my diet. That’s a blog (or two) for another day though.

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10 thoughts on “Yearly Planning”

  1. Those sound like some great goals for the new year. A friend of ours has a chicken coop and loves it. As for homeschooling, Iā€™m considering it as a possibility for our kids in the future. I would love to continue hearing about that. I hope all goes well with your plans for this new year.

  2. I try so hard to stay organized here on our new homestead. With work, kids, farm and just LIFE… Boy does it get hard! Good Luck in 2019! I hope it all works into your daily calendar! šŸ™‚

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