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Summer Shenanigans

Summer is in full swing at The Wild Paduanos! Everybody is here and we have quite the full house. Wondering how we are surviving? Come follow along!
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Start of Summer

Summer has officially started for The Wild Paduanos. NotSoLittleDude is here for the break from his Mom’s house. My nephew and my niece are also here for the next month. We have quite the full house! Unfortunately, we haven’t had very summer like weather and we have kind of been stuck in the house. If you recall from our post on our family summer bucket list found here, we had quite a few plans. We will see if we can fit them all in.

Speaking of my nephew, he is now officially taller than everybody in the house, including my Dad. It’s really disconcerting to have to look up at your almost fourteen year old nephew when talking to him. I mean, wasn’t he just a baby not that long ago? Ugh, way to make me feel like an ancient old lady there bud.

My niece has grown a bunch since last summer too. I’m sure it won’t be too long until I am looking up at her when talking either. Her hair is crazy long as well. Pretty sure I am gonna have to learn some other braids besides just the basic one to help keep it in check. It tangles so easily!

It's quite the full house over here at The Wild Paduanos. Everybody is here for summer! It's so loud and crazy here. How are we surviving??
Wildchild and Bug playing with a massive pile of blocks


As is to be expected when you have 4 kids with such a wide age range, there has been quite a bit of bickering going on. As a parent, I really try to stay out of it. However, they seem to fight over the most ridiculous stuff ever. I swear when they are all having a particularly squabble filled day, all one of them has to do is breathe and it’s like all hell breaks loose.

This is usually when everybody gets separated or we put on a movie for them to chill out to. Which works for pretty much all of them, except for Wildchild. This child has no chill, no off button, even when sick. Which is why it is so hard to tell when he is sick.

Summer Colds

The kids have been here about a week and now we all have the dreaded summer cold. My Mom brought it home from work and lovingly passed it on to all of us. She’s had it since before my niece and nephew arrived, but we are just now getting hit with it as well.

Colds during vacation should be against nature, in my not so humble opinion. Everybody is now becoming pretty miserable. Mostly because none of us can really breathe through our noses and because we can’t really taste our food. Including the delicious ice cream we have in the freezer. Which side note, makes me want to put a lock on the freezer because they are constantly trying to eat it all day *sigh*.

There were so many plans for the kids all being here. Hoping we don’t have to drop some of it. This weather and these colds kind of cut into the fun we had planned. Definitely gonna have to whip up some more elderberry syrup, a la this recipe. I am hoping with enough TLC and patience for mother nature, we can get a few things crossed off of our list. After all, summer just started and it can’t be like this the entire summer. Right?

It's quite the full house over here at The Wild Paduanos. Everybody is here for summer! It's so loud and crazy here. How are we surviving??
Wildchild, Bug and The Teenager enjoying some tech time
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