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Nearing The End: A Much Needed Update

Nearing the end of this pregnancy and providing a much needed update for The Wild Paduanos.
Photo by Michael Payne on Unsplash

When I titled our last blog post The Slow Season, I didn’t think that would mean we would drop off the face of the Earth. I would like to apologize to our readers for that. You guys deserve an update. This pregnancy has been really rough on me mentally and I just have not had the capacity to sit down and write about our lives while trying to grow a whole other human being, homeschool Wildchild, and make plans for the coming year in regards to our backyard homestead.


We have been working hard on other things while taking a break from this blog. We officially have our own Etsy shop now. Right now we are offering lotions, salves, and lip balms. Handcrafted right here in the beautiful PNW! As we expand our homestead skill set, we plan to offer even more items in our store. Make sure to favorite the store so that you can be kept up to date on the products we are offering!

Without chickens to raise this year, we will be trying to concentrate on growing our garden this year. Maybe. Wildbaby is due right at the start of the season here in our zone and at this exact moment I am not sure what I am gonna feel like come planting time. The optimist in me would like to get a small portable greenhouse to start seeds in and plant all the things. The realist in me thinks that is slightly insane. So, we will see what happens there.

Shop Growth

Just one of the many offerings in our new #Etsy shop: calendula lotion bars!

I am hoping to update our shop with some new products here in the next couple of weeks. Between nesting urges and end of pregnancy pain, it’s hard to say if that will actually happen. I know that makes me sound like a huge flake, but it is super hard to stand for extended periods of time. I cannot leave things unattended on the stove or they will burn and be ruined. The products we currently offer require a bit of finesse which means standing in front of the stove a bunch. Maybe I should get a bar height stool and just sit there??

We are also hoping to be able to join a couple of farmer’s markets this summer, at least for a few days here and there. I don’t think it will be feasible for us to commit to a whole season with a newborn, a twelve year old, and a six year old. That is just too much juggling. We will definitely give you guys an update here and on social if that happens!

The Future

In the next thirty or so days, our family is going to expand. I have this picture of how I want things to go, but if I have learned anything in this life it’s that things rarely go how I picture them lol. We will most likely spend a bit more time than originally planned just hanging out and getting used to being a family of five.

Stay tuned for more blog posts, the eventual announcement of Wildbaby’s arrival and more!

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