Welcome to The Wild Paduanos

Hey there friend, welcome to our page! We are so glad you found us and can join us on our journey. Make yourself right at home! We are just getting started with this awesome outdoor, family focused, lifestyle blog based in the beautiful state of Washington. We swear, it doesn’t rain all the time 😀

Above all, we will be focused on family. In addition, some other topics will include: homeschooling, fitness, health, wellness, paganism, and our journey to owning our dream self sufficient homestead. Oh better not forget our path to debt freedom, which will allow us to accomplish all this awesome stuff! We are a pretty eclectic and lively bunch over here.

In all seriousness, if you are looking to hop right on in: Click this link to get straight to our blog! Wanting to learn more about who we are, click this link for our about us page! We will be adding more pages as we grow over time. Better subscribe now! That way you won’t miss a post about our next adventure.

Feel free to leave us a comment or email us anytime and we will be happy to respond! Our hope is to grow The Wild Paduanos into an amazing company. Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoy the journey!